A training session in Virtual Studio Technologies was conducted for SmartSet Project partners

Last week, SmartSet project end users (Lapland UAS, Solidaria TV, Joulupukki TV, Hallingdolen and Bonum TV) were given an intensive training course on the use of virtual studio technology, what will be the basis of SmartSet, needed to set up a virtual studio production.

Taking advantage of this event and the know-how acquired during the training, Lapland UAS and Brainstorm carried out some interviews to end users to finally determine the needs and requirements of the SmartSet solution. This training event enabled attendees to get a complete picture about the virtual studio application, unfolding the diverse possibilities this technology will bring to SmartSet.

Thereafter, it´s time for end users to implement and put into practice the technology while technical partners are urged to pool their efforts developing the SmartSet application as a simplified, low cost and easy to use virtual studio platform.

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