SmartSet project is a great opportunity for Bonum Television. Recently, Bonum Television crew have installed Brainstorm Technology, in order to use the virtual studio. At the moment the crew will use it for the weather forecast, but we see great opportunity in using the virtual studio for magazine programmes, talk shows in the future, such as Youth Programmes, whereas the youngsters can use it creatively up to its creative limits. Bonum Television is working with HD cameras, therefore it will use the SmartSet system with 3 HD cameras in order to provide a better resolution.

Bonum Television is eager to promote training for young people in media in order to enable them to use SmartSet project in the use of real time and pre-recorded productions. Our Television is also open to share the information about this affordable, but quality visual studio set with its partner cable televisions. The advantage of SmartSet project is that it is easy to use in technical terms for less qualified crew as well, at a very low cost.

For the testing and validation phase Bonum Television intends to use SmartSet project to improve the quality of broadcasting magazine programs and weather forecast.

It is a great opportunity for Bonum Television to use the support of the European Commission and Brainstorm providing better quality programs and developing young people improving their creative skills in design.

Peter Jakab – Bonum Television