Last week, Brainstorm had the opportunity to carry out the first SmartSet hardware and software validation, in the primary and secondary school La Encarnación (Spain), implementing the tool from scratch. The validation consisted mainly on, firstly installing the hardware and assembling the system, later on training school´s staff in the employment of templates, with the aim of finally being able to create a school´s news program with the collaboration of students of secondary education. The result was very promising, since the installation and the training session lasted a day and recording the program only took a morning. This fact confirms the simplicity of implementation and use of SmartSet. During the recording some improvements were detected in the first version of SmartSet which will be refined in the next releases.
School´s teachers and students were highly impressed by the potential of the virtual studio which will enable to perform and develop collaborative projects while stimulating communication and language skills in school. Students will be familiarised with the SmartSet operation within the subject of Technology in which they will be taught how to be autonomous in order to be able to use this tool and apply virtual studio´s capabilities in the rest of their subjects.
Since next scholar year, SmartSet will be formally presented to other centres located in Spain through several open day events organised by the school.