Last week took place in Tornio and Rovaniemi the third Six-Monthy meeting of SmartSet.

The first day meeting was brilliantly organised by Lapland UAS taking place at the facilities in Tornio. During the first session, we had the chance to revise all activities carried out in the last six months of the project, check the first productions using SmartSet created by end users and then, prioritising those improvements and modifications to be done in the software, to finally, introduce to SmartSet´s end users some new parameters which hadn´t been implemented in their first productions. The consortia had the opportunity to visit Lapland UAS ´ virtual studio where SmartSet validation is being performed and the possibility of devoting SmartSet for an educational purpose is being assessed.
On the second day, the Consortium travelled to Rovaniemi, where Joulupukki TV´s headquarters are located. The group visited the virtual studio seeing the progress achieved during the last months in the development of their productions. In addition, we had the privilege of having access to the facilities of Santa Claus´ Village at the Arctic Circle where we could contemplate some of the «landscapes» used for their SmartSet productions and last but not least, we couldn´t miss the opportunity of discussing with Santa Claus our latest project outcomes.
Our most sincere congratulations to Lapland UAS and Joulupukki TV for their impeccable organisation of this important meeting.