SmartSet Project was presented in the last Concertation Meeting on activities carried out by G2 Creativity Unit.

The aim of the meeting was to bring together the ongoing H2020 projects resulting from Call1 to enable knowledge transfer, exchange of lessons learned, prepare further collaboration shaping/ providing input to the H2020 LEIT ICT work programme in the area of Creativity / Creative Industries.

The discussion focused on project’s major results; project’s potential exploitation strategy; start-ups and spin-off opportunities; supportive actions to grow and promote project’s work; support knowledge transfer from ICT to CCI SMES; and share best practice from innovative projects/pilots involving stakeholders/users.

In particular, the objectives of this meeting were:

  • To support the ongoing H2020 projects in the day-to-day relation with the Commission – new ways of working in H2020 – new administrative processes and tools
  •  To support the ongoing H2020 projects in sharing their latest research achievements
  •  To enhance the project cooperation activities, share best practices and opportunities
  • Set future activities and topics of common interest
  • To facilitate networking and discussion among the participants

After the meeting, some other projects of the call where identified as a potential candidates for cooperation activities.