9th and 10th September, SmartSet partners met in Bonum TV facilities for the periodic face to face meeting. During this event, which was nicely hosted by our partner Bonum, SmartSet team reviewed the work done so far and the important milestones to be achieved during the next months until the presentation of the first prototype of SmartSet, expected by next December.

During the meeting, partner Lapland UAS exposed the main conclusions of the users’ needs and requirements work package. Based on these conclusions, Brainstorm presented the SmartSet product specifications. All end users agreed on the functionalities and the user interface proposed for the SmartSet solution, being eager to use the first prototype of SmartSet.

Another important issue was to review the state of the installation of necessary equipment for the virtual studio at each site. All of them have already started to use Brainstorm´s technology, so they are prepared to start testing SmartSet as soon as the first prototype is ready.

UPV presented some 3D backgrounds that are under development and some improvements were proposed during the meeting. One of the 3D backgrounds was already tested by partner Hallingdolen with a very nice and realistic output.

The coming months will be essential for the development of the first prototype of SmartSet, a new revolution in making available the use of Virtual Studio Technology to small creative industries, especially local TV channels, newspapers, and film production companies. Lapland will also test the use of this technology in the educational sector.

This meeting strengthened the social interaction while reinforcing the good relationship among all members of the Consortium. We are totally convinced that we are an excellent team with the possibility of obtaining very promising results addressed to the creative industry.