SmartSet project is progressing by leaps and bounds that´s why, the consortia is very pleased to announce the launch of its second Newsletter

in charge of gathering the latest news occurred during this semester (from June to December 2015). In these months, Brainstorm, as the technology provider, has been immersed in the adaptation of the virtual studio technology and also in the design of the first templates without losing sight of fulfilling the users´ needs and expectations. December was an important milestone in the project lifetime as SmartSet underwent its first Review Meeting in front of the Commission with successful results. Throughout all the project, users have been highly- committed and are now willing to experience this great leap forward in their own facilities. In a couple of weeks, the SmartSet prototype will be set up in the user-sites and immediately after, the project will face its own litmus test, the validation stage, where all the work done will be tested in real conditions what hopefully will serve to confirm the promising results of such an interesting initiative.

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