Santa Claus visits Smartset studio of Joulupukki TV in Rovaniemi in Lapland

Joulupukki TV Oy ( ), is an independent production company based in Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus in Finland. The firm is one of the innovative partners of the European Smartset virtual studio project. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research  and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644704.

In mid-October,  Joulupukki TV successfully piloted for the first time its SmartSet Virtual Studio equipment and software.

The real Santa Claus himself from the Santa Claus Village in Lapland, was the first official “talent” to act with the new revolutionary Smartset studio concept. Santa was delighted by the experience: despite his very busy pre-Christmas time-schedule the old man promised to come back soon to Joulupukki TV’s new Smartset studio in order to create new Santatelevision videos.

Given the very specific needs of company, Joulupukki TV wants its SmartSet Studio to be fully portable and quick to install to new adapted places.

During the weeks and months to come Joulupukki TV will continue to actively develop its Smartset virtual studio and related pilot productions, in order to create new appealing videos for its two Youtube channels: &

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