All partners participating in SmartSet project ensures complementarity and aptitude to guarantee the success of the project

Brainstorm Multimedia S.L, Spain

Brainstorm provides industry-leading real-time interactive 3D graphics solutions for broadcast, feature film production and real-time graphics presentations

Universitat Politécnica de València, Spain

LabHuman is a public research & development institute, part of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, which goal is to develop technologies that support, track and improve human actions and behaviours.

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu Oy, Finland

Lapland UAS mission is to provide vocational oriented university education and to conduct research, development and innovation work that especially serves Lapland

Hallingdolen AS, Norway

Hallingdølen is the local newspaper of the valley of Hallingdal in Norway. It produces news webcast and commercial films. Hallingdølen is an award winning newspaper, with several awards for its design and journalism.

Bonum TV Kozhasznu, Hungary

BonumTV is a need supplementing channel in Hungary. Its priority is informing and entertaining. Following Pope Francis’ teachings, it looks for the common good and transmits proper values.

Joulupukki TV Oy, Finland

Joulupukki TV Oy is an independent production company, based in Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus in Finnish Lapland. The company, has the Santa Claus Internet TV Santatelevision in Youtube:

REMAR España, Spain

Solidaria TV is a training school project, centred upon television media and working with young people at risk from social exclusion. Training involves broadcasting over the Internet and through several local channels.