Official Website of SmartSet Project with useful information regarding the project and the main public outcomes.

The purpose of this document is to detail the way in which the SmartSet consortium partners will work during the course of the project.

This deliverable aims to plan the set of actions that will be carried out within the project to raise awareness of the objectives, activities and especially the results achieved during the project lifespan.

The object of this deliverable is to establish the SmartSet Commercial Interest Advisory Group of SmartSet project

This document provides the protocol of actions to be implemented in order to collect data on user requirements concerning SmartSet

This deliverable “Commercial exploitation and Business Strategy Baseline” defines the commercial exploitation strategy baseline which will guide the business planning process.

The purpose of this document is to detail a range of user requirements which will feed into the SmartSet virtual studio specification.

This deliverable details the Virtual Studio Specifications based on the user requirements reported in D.2.2

This deliverable includes the first Six-monthly Newsletter. This document will be complemented with the next newsletters in months 12, 18 and 24

This deliverable is a progress report documenting the composition, expansion and nature of interactions in the dedicated SmartSet On- line Community. It will be updated in month 12, 18 and 24

This deliverable determines the different typology of data that is being generated within the project and the general policy of data management to be followed.

This deliverables describes the structure and main features of the SmartSet virtual studio application.

This deliverable presents the methodology to be used to measure and validate the user acceptance and the functional completeness and correctness of SmartSet in the project framework.

This deliverable will present the methodology to be used to refine the SmartSet prototype with the feedback obtained during the validation phase in order to obtain the commercial version of SmartSet.

The purpose of this deliverable is to summarize the results of the validation process. Validation process was ongoing procedure during the development of SmartSet virtual studio.

This deliverable is the user manual of SmartSet and describes the User Interface of SmartSet.

This document is a descriptive document of the actual demonstrator deliverable, the SmartSet Commercial Release.

Compilation of the different open door events celebrated in the different end‐users´ facilities.

Compilation of the different open door events celebrated in the different end‐users´ facilities.

The object of this deliverable is to detail the set of activities carried out in terms of dissemination throughout the project lifetime.

This deliverable studies the use of graphics and Virtual Studios in TV and other sectors and analyses the industry and the potential market for SmartSet