Joulupukki TV, which is one of the end-users participating in SmartSet Project, has successfully launched their first virtual studio video pilot called “Pello in Lapland Fishing News” with a remarkable quality. Joulupukki TV´s production is inspired on Pello, which is the “Finland’s fishing capital”, a small town located in Lapland on the bank salmon River Tornio ( .

The first output has been produced making use of the SmartSet News template, and in couple of days its two language versions were viewed totally over 10 000 times in Facebook and Youtube.
In the near future, the Smartset virtual studio project is foreseen to publish multiple videos with the latest innovative creations developed thanks to the different templates SmartSet technology offer to the small creative industries.

Don´t wait any longer to watch this interesting “Pello Fishing News” video, available both in English and Finnish: