LabHuman is designing and developing 3D scenes for SmartSet pilot testing

LabHuman (, a R&D institute in Valencia and member of SmartSet project, is currently developing several 3D virtual scenes for the ulterior pilot testing of SmartSet application. The main objective of these 3D scenes is to be used as virtual background for different programs that will be developed during the validation phase of SmartSet project.

The first designed and developed scene has been a virtual background for partner Hallingdolen ( This is a virtual TV studio where walls are formed by several screens that can be configured as multiple displays or just as one big screen. The colour of the different parts of the scene can also be changed to meet with the show requirements. This layer of functionality to customize the environment has been developed by Brainstorm team (

Another virtual studio, the magical laboratory of Santa Claus for Joulupukki TV ( is under development. It’s a rustic laboratory full of books and potions that recreates the place where Santa Claus uses its magic to spread the joy all around the world!.  Joulupukki TV will use this scene for validating SmartSet in their Christmas productions.

Hallingdolen   Joulupukki

More 3D scenes will be developed for the testing programs of the rest of the partners of the SmartSet consortium.

Besides the creation of these 3D scenes, LabHuman is also working close to Brainstorm team on the development of several tracking methods to provide innovative and easy-to-use functionalities for the SmartSet application.